Our Story

| Ojus & Tejus Ajmera

When we founded FGF just over a decade ago, we set out to be the best in a small number of bakery categories. We knew that if we focused our energy and ideas one product at a time, we could reinvent the way great food is made. Today, FGF is one of North America’s largest producers of naan, flatbreads, sweet loaves, pizza crusts, croissants, and fully baked muffins. The acquisition of our FGF Texas facilities ensured we remained focused on our core products with the benefit of supporting our passion for growth and flexibility to always
deliver for our customers. And we’ve only just begun.

We’re a disruptive company with a passion for innovation that drives our business and our team. Rather than thinking outside the box, we prefer to ask why we need a box at all. This kind of thinking has led us to assemble a killer team of people from the production floor to the war room. It’s also enabled us to create strong relationships with customers who understand that to succeed, you need to do things differently.

We’re extremely proud of the work we have done at FGF and in the years to come, we’ll be working with our customers to challenge the status quo and continue our primary goal – to bring people more great eating experiences.

Ojus Ajmera Tejus Ajmera

| Soham (Sam) Ajmera

Our Source of Values

Many family-owned companies pass down everything from generation to generation. But our story is different. FGF was (and continues to be) a startup. Fortunately for us, we have a very passionate and entrepreneurial father who shared his wisdom and challenged us to build a company that’s truly unique. Today, our father continues to instill the values of a product-first, customer centric mentality, and hard work.