FGF Life

A place to learn and grow

As passionate foodies, we’re always on the lookout for new recipes and talent to bring into the FGF fold. Our internships and Co-op programs are designed to satisfy the curiosity and hunger of students looking to put the theories they’ve learned into practice.

We’ll help you realize your full potential and gain the experience you’ll need for future success – whether that’s with FGF or on the next adventure you embark on!

Why Join FGF?

Purpose-driven Work and Experiences

As a tech company that bakes, we’re fresh-baked thinkers that foster innovation, collaboration and teamwork so that everyone – and anyone – can come to the table with good ideas.

You’ll be connected to a mentor, get feedback and support throughout your term, work closely with Team Members across departments, and get to attend social events, workshops and training opportunities to further sharpen your skills.

A Lifelong Connection

FGFLife Alumni

Four months to forty years – every person who walks through our doors becomes an FGFLife Alumni when moving on to new adventures. Whether it’s retirement, back to school or another opportunity with a different organization, you’ll get invited back for networking opportunities so you can stay connected to the FGF community.

We’re proud to create lifelong relationships with our Team Members.

Student Success Stories

  • FGF Life

    Adrian Data Science Co-op

    Working at FGF has given me the opportunity to meet a diverse set of individuals who all share the same passion for technology (and food). They are friendly and easy to approach all the while professional and knowledgeable. At FGF you are given legitimate responsibility and expectations of a cop-op are no different from those of a full-time Team Member.

  • FGF Life

    Julie Logistics Co-op

    At FGF I have been able to learn more about the food industry while enhancing my time management and technical skills. Although I was primarily remote, I was able to experience the friendliness and bright personalities of my co-workers though our virtual meetings. Everyone at FGF is very patient and approachable, which made me comfortable to ask for help. Their passion for continuous learning provides many opportunities for students to make the most out of their experience.

  • FGF Life

    Utsav IT Project Specialist Co-op

    As an international student with no work experience whatsoever FGF provided the right mix of fundamental ingredients at the start of my internship. It was right then that I decided that I would want to be associated with the brand for the long-term and continue to grow the brand even further.