Our Products

Our Products

A true product-first approach using cutting edge technology.

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The FGF Way

Authentic, artisan inspired food is not rocket science, until you try to make it at a global scale. Most industrial bakers start with dated equipment and compromise-based thinking. FGF is the exact opposite — we start with an ideal recipe, clean ingredients, and no preservatives. Then we elevate it with technology — engineering entirely new systems around our products. It takes advanced robotics, integrated AI and machine learning, and brilliant people to make it all work. But it works! We perfectly recreate artisanal baked goods by the millions and sell them at an affordable price.

Some call it ambitious, we call it “The FGF Way”.

Innovation Stories

Products so amazing, we gave them a movie deal

Innovation is a winding road of thrilling breakthroughs and crushing defeats. Through rapid engineering and a ruthlessly product-first approach, we stop at nothing to make great food. These are the tell-all stories of how some of our products came to be.

Bringing naan to everyone

To create an authentically ancient product using modern technology, sometimes you gotta blow up an oven or two.

Our butter croissant: A story with so many layers

A truly authentic croissant is a work of art. Flaky, buttery and perfectly layered, some might say it’s impossible to do at scale — but not us. Using state-of-the-art technology, we pioneered a new way to make the perfect croissant.

Why Choose us?

We reinvented baking to maximize your success

Globally celebrated coffee houses, restaurants and grocery retailers choose us because we are problem solvers, R&D experts, taste testers, marketers and packaging specialists. We are passionate about baking and love nothing more than making the impossible possible. We’ve done it time and again for the world’s leading food companies and we can do it for you.

Our areas of focus

  • Our Products


    We collaborate with the biggest names in retail to create award-winning products. And because we custom-engineer production around each product, everything from ingredients, to packaging, to shipping is tailored to meet your exact needs.

  • Our Products


    Why do we serve foodservice better? When we committed to getting chemical preservatives out of our food, we had to engineer a faster, fresher supply chain. We deliver award-winning products across North America every day — all with a 99% fill rate.

Our Brands

Our Products

On top of supporting iconic brands with unbeatable quality and consistency, we’ve built our own amazing brands — like Stonefire®, the #1 flatbread brand in America.

Our Products

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