We make disruption delicious.


Innovating the return to wholesome baking, on a global scale.

Our Company

We’re not just a bakery — we’re a technology company that bakes

For decades, a large part of industrial baking was achieved through low-tech machinery and artificial ingredients. Not anymore. By combining robotics, AI systems, and supply chain innovations, we eliminate the need for synthetic ingredients from the food we all eat. Finally, the cleanest possible recipes and hand-made quality are being delivered at scale, at a price people can afford — and we won’t stop until the whole world is eating great food.

Behind our products

Soft and fluffy texture Bubbles and char

The most advanced baking on earth tastes like it was made at home

Learn about our products and how we’re transforming the baking industry.

Our Impact


More than just eating better — treating the world better

See how we’re taking bold steps to make industrial baking more sustainable.


To become the world’s greatest baker, you need to have the world’s greatest people

Discover our culture and find out how you can join our diverse team of doers and thinkers.


COVID-19 Update: How we work to keep our team and your food safe.

At FGF, we take COVID-19 very seriously and do everything we can to ensure the safety of our Team Members. We have – and continue to work – in a cooperative and transparent manner with the proper authorities including the Ministry of Labour, and Toronto Public Health.

AnyVision explores biometrics in food distribution and logistics applications

AnyVision recently hosted a webinar in collaboration with FGF Brands to discuss the potential of face recognition and other biometric technologies in distribution and logistics applications.

Embracing the circular economy with release liner recycling

FGF has aggressive environmental sustainability targets they will achieve in the next few years. They aim to be a certified zero-waste company by July 2022.