FGF Takes One Step Closer To Carbon Neutrality

One year ago, we announced ambitious environmental goals. We pledged to make significant reductions in water consumption, become Zero Waste Certified and start addressing carbon emissions in meaningful ways. We are happy to announce that in parallel with all the work our cross-functional teams are doing to obtain the Zero Waste Certification this summer, we are also making significant progress in the space of carbon emissions. FGF Brands has purchased Green-e Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that cover 100% of the emissions generated in 2021 by the consumption of electricity at our Texas facility.  This action translated into reducing the overall carbon emissions for the San Antonio operation by 44% and for the entire FGF network by over 10%.

Our efforts do not stop here. At FGF, we do not believe that RECs and carbon offsets are the ultimate tools to address climate change. We ensure that our equipment is the most energy efficient on the market, our team continuously investigates opportunities to reduce and reuse energy, and we optimize activities that are generators of carbon emissions. As an example, the FGF distribution model maintains a 94% efficiency at all times.

“Our actions to address climate change are meaningful, with direct positive impact to the environment,” says Simona Ionita, Supply Chain & Environmental Sustainability Lead at FGF Brands. “Growth and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive. FGF Brands is proof that organizations can do both and thrive.”

Beyond Carbon Neutrality, for which we are targeting 2025, the FGF Environmental Sustainability team will continue to research and stay abreast with new technologies to ensure early adoption and a realistic plan and timeline to Net Zero.

There is NO Planet B.

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