A Bakery That Runs Like A Startup

Walk through our doors here at FGF, and it will be immediately evident that this is not your typical large-scale baking company. We’re definitely not what you would expect from a food manufacturer. While other large bakeries often look like a standard corporate office, FGF looks more like an urban design firm or a high-tech startup from Silicon Valley.

Good design is everywhere and the ambience is warm, fun and fresh. “This is on purpose,” says Martin the man responsible for much of the office’s design. “It takes fresh-baked thinking and great teamwork for us to develop great food brands, so FGF’s work environment has been engineered to support a creative, entrepreneurial and collaborative culture.”

We are a disruptive company and “the unexpected” is pervasive across all aspects of our operations. Our space-planning and layout are state-of-the-art, playful and productive. Throughout the offices, there are interesting fixtures like punching bags, swing chairs, chessboards and walking workstations that support and fuel creativity.

“FGF is a fun space but there are also serene places for employees to congregate, eat, relax, and even pray,” says Martin. He believes that by focusing on the human side of a workplace environment, our organization can inspire good ideas. “Innovation is the foundation on which FGF is built – a space that fosters unconventional ideas is part of our all-encompassing recipe for great food, and it comes from the inside out.”

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