Disrupt and Sustain

When we hear about companies that are ‘disruptive’ we tend to think about brands like Uber or Netflix – brands that use innovative technology to flip a traditional model on its head.

But behind the label and miles away from Silicon Valley are companies who embrace the same rebellious spirit. Like us.

For years the baking industry has been slow to innovate. Evolution was just not a big priority. After all, dough is just dough right? Well, not for us. That’s why FGF took a different approach and built a company that thrives on quality and the ability to create, produce, and ship a product quickly.

We believe in this model so much that our internal structure is shaped by a ‘disrupt and sustain’ archetype. That means that every day one group of team members are creating a new and innovative product, while another group is working to ensure last week’s innovation can be mass-produced and scaled.

So what’s the big benefit at the end of the day? Why bother implementing a system so untraditional? Because putting product innovation first and cutting red tape creates happier team members. And happier team members create an environment where people love coming to work, love sharing their ideas and love feeling that every day they are part of something bigger than themselves.

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