FGF Brands Expands Operations To San Antonio, Texas

As always, FGF remains committed to exposing people to great experiences, and continuing our journey to become the World’s Greatest Baker! It is this dedication to quality and innovation that has led us to enter into a definitive agreement to acquire certain assets, including a new facility in San Antonio, Texas…referred to going forward as FGF Texas.

This acquisition fit perfectly with our strategy for sustainable growth. Not only will we remain focused on our existing categories but we will acquire a business that is a perfect cultural fit and has the same passion for excellence and best in class execution. FGF Texas also ensures we are always able to meet the growth demands of our customers while at the same time providing contingencies that elevate FGF’s ability to consistently deliver.

Our vision has always been to establish a template for growth that involved replicating the leading edge technology and processes that we have worked to develop since 2004 in Toronto, and be able to deploy them anywhere on the globe. FGF Texas will give us a head start with the focus on our core categories and a footprint to expand our global production in a market rich with talent and a high level of ingenuity.

We expect to close the acquisition on or about June 1, 2018.

We look forward to welcoming all the FGF Texas Team Members….We look forward to another decade of great products, great people….and having a lot of fun in the process together!

Congrats to the entire FGF team, and all our customers whose support helped make it possible!

Read more about our expansion in the San Antonio Express News.

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