Health is in the eye of the beholder

Originally published in, March 02, 2021

Most consumers still perceive tortillas and flatbreads to be healthier than regular bread. However, if they compare product labels, some tortillas and flatbread may have a greater amount of fat, salt and calories per serving than traditional bread. That’s simply because of the density of these products, which are often hot or cold pressed and don’t contain the airiness of sandwich and specialty bread, buns and rolls.

As a result, many producers such as FGF Brands focus on simple, nutritious ingredients for its clean label products. The Toronto-based bakery’s popular Stonefire naan is made with an authentic recipe, including buttermilk and ghee. When baked in the patented tandoor tunnel ovens at high temperatures, it creates the signature bubbles and chars of an authentic naan. Additionally, the bakery strives to provide value and entertainment with its Stonefire brand.

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FGF in the news

FGF Takes One Step Closer To Carbon Neutrality

FGF Brands has purchased Green-e Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that cover 100% of the emissions generated in 2021 by the consumption of electricity at our Texas facility.

COVID-19 Update: How we work to keep our team and your food safe.

At FGF, we take COVID-19 very seriously and do everything we can to ensure the safety of our Team Members. We have – and continue to work – in a cooperative and transparent manner with the proper authorities including the Ministry of Labour, and Toronto Public Health.

AnyVision explores biometrics in food distribution and logistics applications

AnyVision recently hosted a webinar in collaboration with FGF Brands to discuss the potential of face recognition and other biometric technologies in distribution and logistics applications.