How FGF Brands is embracing digital transformation to deliver quality baked goods to markets more efficiently

Originally Published in the Financial Post, Nov 10, 2020

As FGF Brands grew from a team of six to more than 3,000 employees and became one of North America’s largest bakers of premium goods, the business realized it needed to embrace innovation to meet customer expectations while scaling up in size. For FGF, the transformation from a bakery company to a ‘technology company that bakes’ was necessary to achieve growth while maintaining product quality, improving delivery schedules and remaining cost-competitive.

The company’s senior vice president, engineering, Mohammad Behmard, has been with FGF for twelve years and has experienced its most dramatic growth. “Today, only technology can provide that innovation,” he says. “As you grow, you’re dealing with increasing complexity in the supply chain, preparation, packaging and transportation. Technology does not make these complex processes simple. It allows you to manage them efficiently.”

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