The Muffin Revolution

At FGF, we like to think of ourselves as a solutions provider who happens to be a bakery. But what does that mean exactly? It means we look at every angle of a product, from market opportunities to ingredients and put our teams to work developing great tasting food that helps our customers grow. We put innovation first and always ask ourselves, “is there a better way to do this?”

Back In 2004, FGF was in its infancy when we were asked by a large North American coffee house to develop a better tasting muffin at a competitive price. The category was going stale (no pun intended) and consumers were losing interest in low-quality, cheaply made muffins. When the industry heard we were up for the challenge, people asked us two questions: “Why jump into a declining category like muffins?” and “Why would people buy your muffin over a cheaper muffin? After all, it’s just a muffin”.

Flash forward six months and our team had designed a new way to make a great tasting muffin with quality ingredients. When the muffins hit the displays, they were an instant hit and after a few months, a funny thing happened… people started buying and eating more muffins. Soon our innovations in the muffin category caught the attention of major grocery retailers and it happened again. Not only did our muffins become a category leader, they changed the category altogether.

This kind of thinking is at the core of everything we do at FGF. We strive for the best product possible, it’s not “just a muffin”… it has to be a great eating experience.

Today, the muffin category continues to grow and we continue to innovate. It all comes back to asking our team, “how can we do this better.”

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