Chasing the Canadian Dream: An Interview With Albin Estipona
  • Chasing the Canadian Dream: An Interview With Albin Estipona

    Originally hailing from the Philippines, Albin Estipona worked in Israel for 4-years with every intention of pursuing the American Dream afterwards. Luckily for FGF, he settled in Canada instead. Part of our team since 2007, Albin is the  Corporate Sanitation Team Lead. We spoke to him about his journey at FGF and how recent COVID-19…

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  • Finding a New Home and Joining the FGF Family: An Interview with Shawn Harris

    Having been here for nine years now, through massive change and multiple promotions, we sat down with Site Leader, Shawn Harris to get his thoughts on what led him to FGF.

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  • A Friendly Welcome at FGF: An Interview With Doris Bal-Isen

    From the Philippines to Canada, and from caregiver to reception, Doris Bal-Isen’s career has taken many twists and turns. Now in her 9th year (and counting) at FGF, Doris sat down to tell us how her search for a better life led her to Canada, and how she became FGF’s warm, welcoming face to guests and team member’s alike.

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  • The Sky’s The Limit At FGF: An Interview With Tom Lale

    Sixteen years ago, Tom packed a suitcase and moved from the UK to the US with $5,000 in his pocket, a handful resumes and a whole lot of ambition. Working in various sales roles throughout the course of his career, it was serendipitous when FGF found him in 2014. We sat down with Tom to…

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  • FGF Brands Expands Operations To San Antonio, Texas

    FGF Brands is expanding operations to San Antonio, Texas. This acquisition fit perfectly with our strategy for sustainable growth. Not only will we remain focused on our existing categories but we will acquire a business that is a perfect cultural fit and has the same passion for excellence and best in class execution.

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  • It’s About Being The Best: An Interview With Saeid Rad

    Saeid Rad plays a big role at FGF. He’s a Quality Assurance Lead at two of FGF’s facilities, leading a team of 12 team members. He’s also the first person to ever to receive the BRC Global Standards Professional designation! With so much to learn, we sat down with Saeid to chat about his personal…

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