FGF Brands Expands Operations To San Antonio, Texas
  • FGF Brands Expands Operations To San Antonio, Texas

    FGF Brands is expanding operations to San Antonio, Texas. This acquisition fit perfectly with our strategy for sustainable growth. Not only will we remain focused on our existing categories but we will acquire a business that is a perfect cultural fit and has the same passion for excellence and best in class execution.

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  • It’s About Being The Best: An Interview With Saeid Rad

    Saeid Rad plays a big role at FGF. He’s a Quality Assurance Lead at two of FGF’s facilities, leading a team of 12 team members. He’s also the first person to ever to receive the BRC Global Standards Professional designation! With so much to learn, we sat down with Saeid to chat about his personal…

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  • Meet Another FGF Rock Star: Joyce Lei

    Joyce Lei has had an exciting career here at FGF and is another great example of Home Grown Talent. So much has changed since she first started so we decided to sit down with her to talk about what it’s like to work here and how she has grown. FGF: Let’s start with a simple…

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  • Walter’s Story

    When Walter Visentin sat down for the first time with FGF founders Ojus and Tejus Ajmera back in 2010, FGF was not what it is today. It was a small team of passionate dreamers working from a single facility, diligently pushing for growth and efficiency. This was an exciting time. The stakes were high and…

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  • A Bakery That Runs Like A Startup

    Walk through our doors here at FGF, and it will be immediately evident that this is not your typical large-scale baking company. We’re definitely not what you would expect from a food manufacturer. While other large bakeries often look like a standard corporate office, FGF looks more like an urban design firm or a high-tech…

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  • Disrupt and Sustain

    When we hear about companies that are ‘disruptive’ we tend to think about brands like Uber or Netflix – brands that use innovative technology to flip a traditional model on its head. But behind the label and miles away from Silicon Valley are companies who embrace the same rebellious spirit. Like us. For years the…

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